You only get one body.
Keep healthy and happy with a gluten free diet.
Coming Soon!
 Restaurant of the Month!
We will be featuring a new restaurant every month that has taken the necessary steps to learn about cross contamination and gluten free foods. If you are a restaurant that is interested in becoming on of our featured gluten free estabishments please contact our Restaurant Liason, Amy Rota-Poulin.
Educational Links
 As we update our new website, we will be continuously adding new educational links including:  health, celiac disease, doctors, places to shop, and much much more!
Welcome to the Glens Falls Regional Celiac Support Group Site!
We are here to support and assist the Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs New York Region in learning to live with celiac disease and/or a gluten intolerance. 
Established in 1999, the Glens Falls Regional Celiac Support Group has created a place where you can go to get the lastest information on gluten free news, help you with your gluten free needs, share experiences and even delicious recipes! We have created an atmosphere where you can learn about your body's needs, while keeping your stress level down. It's support, gluten free style!
We are a not-for-profit affiliate of the Celiac Sprue Association, working in collaboration with the Nutrition Center, a service of Glens Falls Hospital.